Oppie Class

Oppie Class is the first Class at Mawnan School and is named after the smallest of the sailing boat family. Oppie is a mixed age class of Reception children who learn within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children who start their learning journey on the National Curriculum.


Oppie Class is taught by Mrs. Wylie and the fantastic Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs. Timmins who becomes the teacher whenever Mrs. Wylie is out of the class. In these instances Mrs. Bate joins the class as her Teaching Assistant. Mrs. Atkin is a wonderful 1:1 Teaching Assistant who completes our Oppie Class team.

The Current Summer 2 Oppie Curriculum

This term we travel around the world in our learning as we explore the 7 continents and their 5 surrounding oceans.

We “visit” a country within each continent each week chosen by the children in this enquiry led topic and investigate the children’s fascinations about each country while also including temperatures (hot or cold), landscapes, culture, people, languages and wildlife. On our journeys we discover about the Windrush Generation and consider how it felt to move from one very contrasting country to another and how cultural diversity makes our country and world exciting and special.

During our European week we consider where we live in relation to the rest of the world and learn how unique our Cornish landscape and coastline is. This will involve a visit to our local beach where we take time to explore through direct experiences and research what creatures can be found there and how they survive in such a demanding habitat.

Throughout the term we discover what places and stories are special to different people and learn about the Hindu faith and traditions while comparing and contrasting them to our own.